I am delighted to be here this afternoon in this year’s WASSA celebration – my first as President of the Republic. After a year of enforcing the rule of law, protecting lives and properties and ensuring the maintenance of peace in all parts of the country, I dare say that taking a day-off to unwind and “chill’ is well-deserved.

It is an honour to be here this afternoon, and to be in the midst of brilliant boys and girls. The results of the 2016 Basic Education Certificate Examination have been described as the best so far by the Ghana Education Service. Out of 461,013 students who sat for the examination, you, present here, distinguished yourselves amongst the lot. Today, Mother Ghana celebrates you. You deserve all the commendation and recognition being accorded you today. Congratulations.

Newly sworn Members of the Council of State, let me start by congratulating all you distinguished ladies and gentlemen on your membership of the Council of State. Some of you are here by virtue of institutional representation, one ex-officio and the others with the support of Parliament; some by virtue of having been elected as regional representatives; and others having been appointed directly by the President of the Republic.

I am honoured by the invitation to be here at this year’s WASSA. This is my second WASSA since assuming the high office of the land. I much enjoyed my first, which was with the Police Service, and I know that I will enjoy this too, my maiden one at Burma Camp as Commander-in-Chief.

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